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"Say Hi to Change"



Client: Statoil (Norway)

Agency: Try
Creative Directors: Lars Joachim Grimstad & Egil Pay

Prod Co: Bacon
Director: Christian Holm-Glad
Exec. Producer: Magne Lyngner
Producer: Øystein Dyb
DP: Andreas Bjørseth
Editor: Paal Rui
Music: Massive Music
Post Production: Bacon XO
Line Production: Steak Haus

Head of Wardrobe: Monica Reyes

Asst Wardrobe: Mindy Davis

Principle Roles Casting: Rosenthal Casting

Supporting Roles Casting: For Love Productions


Duties & Responsibilities:

Wardrobe sourcing for all principle & supporting cast members from Los Angeles retail stores, rentals from ABC Costume Department & Warner Bros Studio Facilities Costume Department. Returns & exchanges as necessary for sizing & cast changes. 


Wardrobe trailer dressing of talent at each location for all scenes. Steaming, tagging, organizing & running garments as needed. Retrieving items from talent once filming completed. 

Other errands as needed. i.e. warming blankets for gymnasts in cold am gymnasium, ribbons & socks for Japanese school girls uniforms, medical uniform items for birthing scene, etc.


Costume house rentals & retail returns. Tracking of expenses.

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