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Women of Spirit

A/W 2019

 Somewhere between the shift from Flow to Freedom, we are capable of more inspired creating than ever before, thanks to our state of worldwide online connection. We can learn to be, and then work to become, with continuing progress for all of us, as humanity wide shifts ultimately affect the way we clothe ourselves.


An experience in the wilderness on a road trip with friends, traveling to the Grand Canyon and then camping, requires a different wardrobe than a night out with the girls in the city. Clothes need to look good on film and move well in videos for postings or memorabilia, as well as function and fit with what they are actively servicing in today's traveling culture.

Loose layers and contemporary classics keep fashion pieces timeless. Jewel tones and rich textures lend to us a powerful feeling by utilizing the full spectrum. Mindfulness in lieu of primal reactive spending is what the future holds, with clothing and accessories that carry a Lightness of Being which will last many years to come.

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