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Free Falling

Fall 2019

Tomboy Chic is done in a way that's comfortable for the ladies who drive jeeps and have young babies. Pockets and elastic are not just desired, they are necessary. She, is casual in loose layers in a way that generates both respect and admiration.

Who is she and what is she interested in? How is it she is conquering this world while making it a better place to live in? How fearlessly in the moment is she, and how does she make it look so EASY?

Though her abilities are many and unique, it is her embracing of all others from the heart that gives this powerhouse woman her most potent mojo. She actively appreciates people who call her bluff and encourage her to constantly improve herself. She watches Ted Talks in the mornings over coffee and reads magazines like Conscious Company, Magnolia Journal and Womankind. 


She's got that Gratitude Attitude, influencing us to see what we've got instead of complaining about the 'nots'. She can do anything and more, all the while standing up for her fellows across the board. Most important to her personal flavor of pristine awareness, is the trust she has in the process and the present moment. Though she rarely knows what's coming, she knows that within the act of surrender blooms the answers.

She is located all over the globe, and is found often on the open road. She knows how to pitch her own tent on the California Coast for her kid's camping trips and is making friends with strangers on the way to Big Sur in attendance of a betterment seminar. She's dreaming of cliff diving in Ecuador, surfing the waves in Australia, and living like there's no tomorrow.

She's in love with her body no matter the shape, because she sees it as a playground to enjoy, instead of a source of insecurity. She pairs oversized with tight, depending on her body type, accenting the best combinations for the day ahead. Since a high vibes crew will do perfect, she makes sure to surround herself with the best, while blessing the rest.

Apparel fabrics for bottoms are durable and tough, but feminine enough for every day comfort. Everything has pockets, because in this day and age convention is out and convenience is in. Washes and treatments are vintage and deliberate. Paint splatters and oil stains from the shop pair with bleach spots. Extra softener and some heft is a must, and tops are those oh so soft breathable baby knits with carefully placed chemicals, complete with stitch details and utility pockets.

She knows it's not simply about the end, or the successful completion of one single thing. It is within The Art of Becoming as it is happening, in each step taken and mile driven, that creates the most authentically present kind of woman.

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

Henry David Thoreau



Design & Development


Los Angeles CA

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Denim & Woven Collections


RWH (Private Label)

Los Angeles CA

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Denim, Wovens and Collections



Los Angeles CA

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Denim, Wovens and Collections


Sunrise Brands

Los Angeles CA

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Young Contemporary 

High End Collections


Forever 21 (Boutique)

Los Angeles CA

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