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Booth Design & Press Deck


Layout, Materials, Callouts, Purchases, Merchandising, 

Collection Sampling & Setup of line at Trade show. 

Graphic art & copy for deck.

Created for Sunrise Brands LLC

Los Angeles CA // Las Vegas NV circa 2015

People's Liberation relaunch at Project Vegas February 2015.

Action mannequins sourced downtown, packed up & shipped with collection designed by myself & Creative Director in Los Angeles. Features include two way stretch high tech comfort denim fabrics & specialty washed knits separates.

Promotional materials also designed & created for this event include email marketing mailers, celebrity & press pitch packet, & fabric samples with branding to be distributed at trade show.

High flying posters designed by assistant designer from images shot of model skydiving mid air in product.

Project 2015 Peoples Liberation.jpg
PLM press deck-01.jpg
PLM press deck-02.jpg
PLM press deck-03.jpg
PLM press deck-04.jpg
PLM press deck-06.jpg
PLM press deck-05.jpg
PLM press deck-07.jpg
PLM press deck-08.jpg
PLM press deck-09.jpg
PLM press deck-11.jpg
PLM press deck-10.jpg
PLM press deck-12.jpg
PLM press deck-13.jpg
PLM press deck-14.jpg
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