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Investor Pitch Deck

Creative Consulting Role

Lifestyle Brand + Womens & Mens Apparel

Design & Development

BOL Meditation x Believe or Leave Brand

Los Angeles, CA

As an idea maker & innovator in my time with this brand, I changed their direction and purpose, shifting what they made and why. This drew in new clients and took followers online from 2K to 10K in six months time. From their initial focus on making only clothing to that of an entire lifestyle, I injected meaning & purpose by attaching an identity of spiritual wellness. 

I meditated with the owner one evening before an important investment dinner, and the next day he came back with confirmation of a million dollar investment in the company. We agreed that the intention of healing in the clothing would anchor the experience of meditation in the products, thereby helping our customers center themselves in wellness.

In the next stage, I suggested we expand from the brick & mortar meditation center to private ticketed events in exclusive locations, with sound baths and guided mediation, so that wellness would become trendy and all could benefit from healthy practices. I spoke of how in my abstinence from drinking alcoholic beverages I felt excluded from many social gatherings, and that there was a market for those who did not indulge in such things but craved community. The idea for CBD tea came up, as it matched with meditation. 

After I designed the packaging for the tea to be sold at higher price points and developed the product line with both domestic and overseas vendors to sit beside the then completed apparel collection, I managed the outreach for social and picked our ideal team to lead events. Breath-work and guided meditations came from rock star Bryan Ellis and sound baths from Lauren Waggoner of Wanderlust, with the likes of David Guetta as exclusive clientele. 

So as to garner gatherings of relevant trend setting and wholistic, hip, wealthy community, I found how to serve an untapped market by expanding the brand's offerings to include relevant products and apparel.

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