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Resort 2019

Witness the immersion of Intersectionality (a combined respect of many different ethnicities with a focus on equality), where we pair diverse things trending from different countries and their peoples. This sunshine season features a grouping of high fashion modern in a cultural blending of Cannes, Iran circa 1969, in the African plains, and the ever romantic Greece. From swimsuits on beaches to summer dresses for evenings spent playing piano with one's family and pets, joy is represented in this daydream existence where varied people are peacefully present and represented.

'Working wives equal happier husbands' raises us 'up to the highest height' of a cooperative dynamic culture, where instead of 'that Patriarchy' or 'this Matriarchy', there is a collaborative effort for the sake of a harmonious EVERYBODY. Women and men support each other and play to strengths, learn new things, and encourage others with collaborative dynamics.

Designs are focused to include all types of body, from silhouettes for the petite to skinny to curvy and stone statue muscular, with fabric colors speaking to compliment the skin tones of variety. Everyone can find something they feel beautiful in with this coming Resort season. (The trend, if adopted in a high fashion area and worn by social media stars/celebreties, will likely carry over for 3-5 additional years in the majority of states across the US, depending on the target market. Fashion pieces go in and out, while core items are redeveloped for OTB's, becoming best sellers that can be released repeatedly.)

Positive Impact Feeds

With the influx of social media globally influencing our lives, it is more important than ever that companies take a stance of positivity if there is hope for future success in the eyes of the masses. Catch phrases and editorial headlines engrain in our minds and stack on top of each other to create the way we feel and interact with fellow human beings. Either we are a vocal part of continuing the problems, or we are the Voice of the Solution in our efforts over time.

Where clothing and accessories incorporate varied colors for a healthy visual stimulus, look-books can inspire the best of humanity in what is focused on. With Love we can move in to the light, by shifting the focus to what is going RIGHT.

With a millennial population buying online more than visiting brick and mortar retail locations, opening up to various channels with products focused generationally is intelligent. Features in storefronts should differ by location depending on customers and age brackets, as well as in consideration of the actual metrics, with regard to selling.

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