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Print, Collateral & Decks

PRIDE Condoms

Bel Air, CA


Brand Collateral


Creation of all items of relevant brand collateral; ie Original logo creation, font choices, packaging & promotion items of coherence, business cards for all members, social media content, website items, email headers, branding & marketing items. Decks for promotions, pitch pamphlets, official documents, visa sponsorship items, official business paperwork, line sheets for sales people, agency communications, etc.


Logo, Slogan & Brand Standards

PRIDE logo.jpg

Event e-vites

Graphics & Copywriting, Partnership with Marketing Head & Influencers

AGO evite.jpg
AGO evite-02.jpg

Business Card Options

PRIDE  Business Cards.jpg

Charity Sticker Choices

Charity sticker.jpg

DECK Creation for Agency Presentation

Graphic Art, Infographics, Layouts, Research & Copywriting 

Partnership with Marketing Head, Sales Lead, President & CEO

PRIDE Marshall Deck-01.jpg
PRIDE Marshall Deck-02.jpg
PRIDE Marshall Deck-04.jpg
PRIDE Marshall Deck-05.jpg
PRIDE Marshall Deck-06.jpg
PRIDE Marshall Deck-07.jpg
PRIDE Marshall Deck-08.jpg
PRIDE Marshall Deck-09.jpg
PRIDE Marshall Deck-10.jpg
PRIDE Marshall Deck-11.jpg
PRIDE Marshall Deck-12.jpg
PRIDE Marshall Deck-13.jpg
PRIDE Marshall Deck-14.jpg
PRIDE Marshall Deck-15.jpg
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